Year End Charitable Donations

Year End Charitable Donations
23 Dec

Year End Charitable Donations

You may or may not think this is the most wonderful time of the year but, for charities that support children, like Deliver the Dream – actually for all nonprofits that rely on charitable donations, it’s, at the very least, a very good time of the year. As NeonCRM, a leading nonprofit software solution, points out, 12% of all charitable donations are made in the last three days of the year. 

Donations to Charities Increase at Year End

Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, says, “Nearly one-quarter of Americans report making the majority of their charitable gifts in the last quarter of the year (Q4), particularly in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? And, that number increases among high net worth families. Many organizations report receiving a spike, if not the majority of their annual revenue, during this period.”

The three big reasons that donations to children’s charities like ours increase at the end of the year may not surprise you. As Charity Navigator explains:

  1. For donors, waiting until the last few weeks of the year gives us time to settle our finances and determine what’s available for charitable giving. 
  2. The holidays always help to bring out our generous spirits. 
  3. End-of-year giving has become a norm for donors and charities alike.


NeonCRM also says that 2/3 of people who make charitable donations don’t do research before they write their check. “Instead, they give to orgs they already know or that are recommended by friends and family. Even in our age of high-tech marketing, word of mouth marketing remains one of the most effective form of marketing,” they explain.  

So if you think Deliver the Dream is the best charity for children and their families, we hope you will tell your family and friends about the good work that we do – all year long.

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