Dreaming of Fresh-Baked Family Fun

Dreaming of Fresh-Baked Family Fun
5 Feb

Dreaming of Fresh-Baked Family Fun

Our family retreats are a great way for families living with a disability, serious illness or crisis to build bonds, strengthen relationships and have fun. But you don’t have to get away on a family retreat to enhance the bonds you share with your kids and create wonderful memories. 

A great way to share some special time together as a family is by introducing your children to baking. And this is a great time to do it, because February is Bake for Family Fun Month!

Getting Started 

Imagine your house filling up with the irresistible aroma of fresh-baked bread or sitting down to enjoy homemade cookies still warm from the oven with a glass of cold milk! You could even make some homemade tortillas.

You don’t have to have overly ambitious baking goals. You can have fun together baking up a simple treat. What was your favorite treat as a child? If you didn’t get the recipe from your mom, chances are you can find it online. 

The Bake for Family Fun Month features a number of recipes, of course, but, perhaps more importantly, they also offer a number of helpful resources for families setting out to bake up some family fun, including: 

And, whatever you decide to bake, be sure to make extra to share. As the folks associated with Bake for Family Fun Month point out, “Baking for others can increase a feeling of wellbeing, contribute to stress relief and make you feel like you’ve done something good for the world, which perhaps increases your meaning in life and connection with other people. Let’s make some positive change in the lives of others this week!”

Here at Deliver the Dream, a charity that supports children and their families in difficult times, we are always here for you. So, if you need someone to shared your yummy home-baked goodies with, we’ll be here! 

And, if you would like more information on our upcoming family retreats, please contact us.