About Us

Deliver the Dream provides therapeutic programs to families facing a serious illness, crisis or disability.  Most of our participants live in the state of Florida, however, we serve families throughout the United States.  Our programs restore hope, strengthen relationships and change perspectives to provide inspiration for the future.

Celebrating 19 years of making families stronger

12,700+ family members served

4,500 volunteer hours logged annually 

94% of participants learned new ways of sharing thoughts, feelings, and ideas with each other


Deliver the Dream was founded by Pat Moran, past chairman and current board member of JM Family Enterprises, Inc. After many years of seeing families struggle to stay together as they coped with disability, illness, or crisis; Pat dreamed into fruition a program that would help families alleviate stress, learn coping skills, and just allow them to enjoy being together as a family.

In 2002, Deliver the Dream held its very first retreat for families with a parent battling cancer. Since that day, Deliver the Dream has brought hope and healing to more than 12,700 family members from across the country.

Deliver the Dream is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission

To provide healing retreats that enable families living with a disability, serious illness or crisis build bonds and form relationships with other families who are experiencing the same thing to regain strength in mind, spirit and family…one retreat at a time.

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