A New View

This interactive, hands-on workshop is designed to change perspectives of how people with disabilities and other life challenges are viewed and included in the community.  Participants will explore new insights with activities that help everyone see the world a little differently.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will recognize different disabilities and life challenges that people might face.
  • Participants will understand the importance of communicating effectively through a variety of methods and will become familiar with standard practices.
  • Participants will describe and compare feelings and emotions based on each activity.
  • Participants will identify new behaviors and attitudes when working with people with disabilities or other life challenges.

This workshop is suitable for any environment.  Workshops have been presented to:

  • Nova Southeastern University students
  • ARC Broward summer camp participants
  • Special Olympics USA staff
  • Broward County Library open house
  • 10 Days of Connection participants
  • Broward pre-med club at Broward Community College
  • Girl Scouts of Fort Lauderdale troop

If you are interested in scheduling a New View, please contact Rebecca Hahessy, Community Relations Manager, at 954-564-3512.