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A New View of the Kids’ our Charity Helps
7 Jan

A New View of the Kids’ our Charity Helps

It’s a New Year – a new decade even! What a great time for a New View!  

New View is an interactive, hands-on workshop from Deliver the Dream, one of the most impactful charities for children in South Florida.  With activities and insights that challenge the way we interact with people who are dealing with disabilities and other life challenges, the program can help you see the world a little differently. 

As Angela Hooker, one of the featured bloggers at GovLoop.com, reports, “Some people feel uncomfortable around people with disabilities. According to a poll and report from the Kaiser Family Health Foundation and a report from Scope, a British charitable organization, the majority of people feel uncomfortable and nervous talking to people with disabilities.” 

For many people, that discomfort is associated with the simple fact that they don’t have any personal experience with disabled people or kids with special needs. “Scope’s report specifically says that a fear of saying the wrong thing or appearing patronizing leads to this discomfort,” Hooker’s GovLoop blog says. 

That’s why programs like A New View can be so important. 

See Children with Disabilities Differently

Our New View Workshop has already helped Nova Southeastern University students, ARC Broward summer camp participants, Special Olympics USA staff and others to understand the importance of communicating effectively and to: 

  • Recognize different disabilities and life challenges that people might face.
  • Become familiar with standard practices.
  • Describe and compare feelings and emotions based on each activity.
  • Identify new behaviors and attitudes when working with people and children with disabilities or other life challenges.


Tax-deductible charitable donations to our 501(c)3, a nonprofit charity for children with cancer as well as a number of other serious conditions and disabilities, support innovative programs like this that help children and their families in meaningful ways. 

If you would like to learn more about our kids’ charity, please contact us at contact@deliverthedream.org or (888) OUR-DREAM. And, to schedule A New View Workshop for your group, please email Zach Goldberg or call 954-564-3512.

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