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20 Nov

We Are Thankful for All Those Who Donate to Charity

There are so very many good causes worthy of philanthropic support. The caring and compassionate people who donate to charity have to choose where to invest their charitable donations. There are libraries, hospitals, religious organizations, animal shelters, international relief organizations, educational nonprofits, food pantries – the list goes on and on. And, of course, there are nonprofit charities for children and families coping with serious health issues like ours. 

The pandemic has presented dual challenges for many of us in the nonprofit world, who must contend with an increased need for our services while our fundraising strategies have been upended. 

“In addition to increased demand, many nonprofits were suddenly forced to shift their fundraising strategies away from in-person events. The COVID-19 pandemic also required that organizations and fundraisers be extremely sensitive to the health, financial, and other challenges Americans were facing when requesting donations,” a report on Covid-19’s impact on charitable giving released by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy says.


Covid-19’s Impact on Charitable Donations

Among the key findings in the report put out by the WPI are: 

  • Approximately a third of us gave directly to charitable organizations, individuals, or businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic during the initial months of the crisis. 
  • Almost half of households chose to provide indirect support in response to the pandemic during the early months of the crisis. “For example,” the report says, “by ordering takeout to support restaurants and their employees, or continuing to pay individuals and businesses for services they could not render.” 
  • Not surprisingly, the report also found that, “Households were more likely to decrease than increase their giving as a result of conditions present during the early months of the pandemic (such as uncertainty about the spread of the virus and further economic impacts).” 

We are so grateful for all those who have and who continue to support our kids charity – and to those who have made charitable donations to some of the many other deserving nonprofit charities in our community.