Staying Safe at Home with the Kids

Charity supporting children - Staying Safe at Home with the Kids
7 Mar

Staying Safe at Home with the Kids

As a charity supporting children and their families, Deliver the Dream is very sensitive to the strain families are under during these difficult times. At the family retreats our charity offers children with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions along with their families, we often hear parents say they just don’t know what to do. 

These days, it seems that nobody knows what to do. We are definitely in unchartered waters. But we are not alone. Wonderful people are stepping forward all around the world to offer help and support.

Pranita Tamma, M.D., a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, and Patrick Mularoni, M.D., medical director of the pediatric sports medicine program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, are among those wonderful people. They have put together some helpful tips on what to do if you are at home with your kids.

A Q&A with Experts from Johns Hopkins 

“With schools closed and families at home, it’s easy to slip into the summer vacation or snow day mindset,” the experts at  Johns Hopkins Medicine say. “As tempting as it may be to sit in front of the television for movie marathons or series binges, it’s important to keep kids engaged in a healthy way while school’s out.”

To help you find your way, they offer the following tips : 

  • Stick to a schedule. “Children and teens benefit from structure,” they say. “Stick to their regular routines as much as possible, especially on weekdays.”
  • Keep their brains busy. There are lots of great opportunities for learning that are now being offered online at no cost. This might be a good time for you children, especially teenagers, to explore new subjects, learn a new skill or start a new hobby. 
  • Don’t forget to set time aside for play. “Playtime is a valuable way to maintain a sense of normalcy for your kids as well as to promote emotional well-being. If possible, spend some time outdoors by playing in the backyard or taking a walk around the block. Be mindful, however, of keeping a healthy distance from others,” the experts advise. 
  • Make time for conversation. As the experts at Johns Hopkins says, “Children and teens may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Check in with them to see how they’re feeling and to address any concerns they have.”

And here’s one more tip. This one is from all of us at Deliver the Dream, one of the most innovative children’s charities, and it’s from the heart: Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up.