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Make Holiday Memories with Your Kids
20 Dec

Make Holiday Memories with Your Kids

Families all across the country, not just those assisted by our kids charity, are looking for a little bit of normalcy this holiday season. And what could be more normal than a crafting session where your children make holiday decorations? 

Holiday celebrations this year are going to be different. We all know it. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be happy. So, roll up your sleeves, get out the scissors and glue and get ready to create some holiday magic with your kids. 

Homemade Holiday Sparkle

“This holiday season, spend some quality time around the crating table with your brood,” the folks at Good Housekeeping say. They put together a fun list of easy Christmas crafts that they say are “simple enough for kids to create (but fun enough that you’ll want to get your hands messy and participate, too!).”

Here are a couple of our favorites:

According to Good Housekeeping, this craft was inspired by a kind of traditional Scandinavian ornament. “To make, paint popsicle sticks white and let dry,” they say. “Arrange matching sizes into a X-shape and glue together in the middle. Arrange 2 X’s diagonally on top of each other to create a snowflake shape and glue in the middle. Let dry completely. Weave colored embroidery thread around the popsicle sticks to create an X or grid pattern. Tie the thread at the back of the snowflake and trim any excess. Glue a ribbon loop to the back of the snowflake to hang.”

“All kids need is five minutes to make this super-simple Christmas tree craft. Fold green craft paper accordion style, and then deck it with colorful paper cutouts as ornaments — and don’t forget the star on top,” GH says. If you want a little more direction, they included a link for the tutorial at White House Crafts

We hope you and your family have fun crafting memories!

With thanks for your charitable donations throughout the year and best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday from all of us at Deliver the Dream, a South Florida charity that supports children with critical illnesses and conditions and their families. 

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