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Make a Donation to Charity by Becoming a Volunteer
18 Feb

Make a Donation to Charity by Becoming a Volunteer

Here at Deliver the Dream, a nonprofit charity for children and their families, we strive to be there to strengthen family ties and support children in need in times of need. In the past, those needs usually developed as the result of an illness or serious health condition. Our charity has helped children with cancer and families dealing with a child on the autism spectrum. 

These days, on top of the challenges associated with disability and disease, we are trying to help families struggle with the isolation associated with the global pandemic that has changed the way all of our lives are lived. 

Our mission remains the same: to provide healing family retreats that enable families living with a disability, serious illness or crisis build bonds and form relationships with other families who are experiencing the same thing to regain strength in mind, spirit and family…one retreat at a time.

The goal is to help children and parents adopt coping mechanisms, lessen stress and remember to smile at and enjoy one another. We have developed a number of dynamic virtual retreats and programs that the families we serve can engage in while Covid-19 keeps us all apart, but we are still committed to our core programs – our family retreats. 

We have earned a reputation as one of the best charities for children and families in South Florida, we will continue to offer virtual programs until it is safe to once again begin our in-person services.

We know not everyone can afford to make financial contributions to the children in need that we serve. Fortunately, there are other ways to support Deliver the Dream. In fact, there is no better time than the present to learn how to become a volunteer – from the comfort and safety of home – in one of the following areas:

  • Family Retreats. Volunteer duties include being paired with a participating family and serving as that family’s pal. Pals greet their assigned family when arriving at the retreat, engage with family members in therapeutic sessions, sit with the family at meals and check in with the family to make sure everyone is having a positive experience.
  • Special Events. Volunteer duties include setting up and breaking down events, helping with live and silent auctions, registering guests and selling raffle tickets.

Contact us for more information about the ways you can support our nonprofit charity.