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7 Jun

Helping Children Cope with the Pandemic

Like all of the best charities for children, here at Deliver the Dream we are concerned about the overall wellbeing of the children and families that we serve. You might not find “coping with a pandemic” anywhere in the mission statement that lays out the goals of our nonprofit charity for children, but if you read between the lines, you’ll see why we want to help in any way we can.

As the health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) point out, people of all ages are experiencing a sense of loss or grief, during the pandemic. It’s not just grief associated with the loss of a loved one that needs to be addressed. 

“As a result of measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19, [children] may also grieve over loss of routines such as going to school and playing with friends,” the CDC says. “Parents and other caregivers play an important role in helping children process their grief.”

What We Have Lost

The loss of a playdate or a school fieldtrip may not seem very significant compared to the loss of a job but socializing with their friends and classmates plays an extremely important role in the healthy development of a child. On top of that, if you or your spouse has lost a job, your child will undoubtedly pick up on the stress you are feeling.

To help children cope with the challenges associated with the pandemic, the CDC suggests:

  • Asking questions to get a better understanding of your child’s emotions as well as their perceptions of what is going on.
  • Encouraging your children to talk about the things that are bothering them or to express their thoughts or feelings in creative ways.
  • Taking care of yourself! You won’t be able to help the kids if you aren’t finding healthy and effective ways to cope with the situation yourself. 
  • Maintaining routines whenever possible.
  • Spending time with your child reading, doing schoolwork or doing other activities they might enjoy.

If you’re looking for activities to share with your kids, may we suggest the activities included in the new virtual program developed by the caring professionals at our nonprofit charity for children, Hope at Home!