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A New School Year Draws Near for Our Kids
17 Jul

A New School Year Draws Near for Our Kids

From autism and multiple sclerosis to leukemia and cancer, the children our non-profit charity serves already face serious challenges. They want to see their friends and you want them to experience as much of the joys of a normal childhood as possible, but the threat of Covid-19 is still far too real for the families in South Florida that turn to our kids charity.  

Each child, each family and each situation is different, of course, but these days we all have one thing in common: serious concerns about the safety of the area schools our children attend as a new school year approaches. 

Re-opening Schools Safely

Each school district is different too. And each local school district will be making its own independent decision on how to proceed when the time comes to send our kids back to class. 

Palm Beach County Public Schools 

The official start date for Palm Beach County schools has not yet been determined. On July 16, the School Board approved a plan that calls for starting the school year with online classes. The school year was set to open on Aug. 10, but it looks like that date will be pushed back.

How things proceed for Palm Beach County public school students will depend on the situation regarding Covid-19.

Broward County Public Schools 

For students enrolled in Broward County’s public schools, the first day of the new school year will be Wednesday, Aug. 19. Based on the still growing number of cases of the corona virus in South Florida, the Broward County School Board has made the decision to begin the year with all instruction being offered online as indicated on the district’s calendar.

Of particular interest to the community of families and children who gain support from our charity is a new voluntary pilot program for special needs students. When providing an update on the new school year, Broward County School Superintendent Runcie talked about the new program.

All of us at Deliver the Dream, a charity serving children with cancer and a wide range of other conditions, wish you and your family the very best as the school year draws close. We are here to help if you need us.