Dream Girls Society

Dream Girls Society

The Dream Girls Society is an auxiliary group supporting Deliver the Dream’s mission to provide healing retreats that enable families living with serious illness, disability, or crisis to build bonds and form relationships with other families who are experiencing the same thing in order to regain strength in mind, spirit, and family…one retreat at a time.


The Dream Girls Society is passionately committed to funding the Dream.


  • The Dream Girls engage with the community and plan fundraising events to champion for Deliver the Dream.
  • Attendance is required at planning meetings and events to continue connecting with the community and networking with prospective partners.


  • Each Dream Girl member volunteers for the initiative.
  • Dream Girls participate as volunteers for at least one retreat per fiscal year.


  • The Dream Girls Society plans, promotes, and presents engaging community events, to help fund Deliver the Dream retreats. 

Board Members

Barbara Camasso
Past President
Susan Cimoch
Margo Coplan
Ellen Devine
President Emeritus
Pam Moskowitz
Janie Owens
Laurie Scher
Cathy Seguine
Valerie Young