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Our retreat programs enable families who are experiencing serious illness or crisis to regain strength, mend spirits and just be families and kids again.

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Firstly I hope everyone who was in the line of Hurricane Irma is safe and you were blessed with very little damage to your homes and families. I can only image what the impact of this storm will have on the SMART Ride considering it is supposed to be a ride from Miami to Key West! I am going to tak

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I am sure many of you have heard those horrific stories of riders being hit by cars of drivers who are not looking both ways or paying attention when they are driving around town. These cases are way too frequent in my opinion and I have come close to being that rider who would have been hit. On man

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This past week I was fortunate enough to attend our retreat for families with a child with Epilepsy in Haines City, FL. I have been riding pretty consistently again and was worried that if I didn’t bring my bike I would fall out of the routine and struggle when we got back. (Lightbulb turns on!) Of

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8/16/17 In the midst of the dreaded hurricane season the weather is truly unpredictable. I sometimes take that as a glorious sign that I need a day off, but today was not that day. I planned ahead and scheduled my first ever CycleBar spin class first thing in the morning of a nasty rainy day. I tho

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8/10/17- The Views This riding thing is not getting easier. Some days those miles really seem daunting but I am determined to accomplish this challenge. In my life I like to find the positive light in any struggle I am addressing, it doesn’t always work but the attempt is genuine. On my rides, I th

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Have you ever had this incredible epiphany that seems like a great idea at first but you didn’t spend the time to think about all the bad parts that might be included? This happened to me when I first signed up for The Smart Ride and thought I would not be caught dead walking around in padded shorts

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7/25/17- What did I get myself into? Many of you may not have met me yet. I joined the Deliver the Dream family back in January and have been so happy to have been exposed to so many people and opportunities, one of which is The Smart Ride. I am not the most athletically inclined person and took th
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